Wall Decals | An Easy Way to Add Creativity to your Baby’s Nursery

November 29, 2017

Pregnancy is hard work! But something easy to get excited about is decorating your baby’s nursery. Wall decals offer an efficient way to add colour, creativity, and appealing cuteness to your baby’s nursery.

Being pregnant is not easy. There is a plethora of symptoms to deal with, your changing body shape, feeling constantly tired and out of breath, blocked up nasal passages, leg cramps, constant trips to the loo, forgetfulness and not sleeping properly! These are the symptoms I am dealing with at the moment.

I wonder if one ever really gets used to being pregnant? Pregnancy symptoms force you to slow down and I guess I am taking a while to adjust. When in fact I’d love to be one of those super fit expectant Moms busting out yoga classes and aqua aerobics and looking like a beanpole with a bowling ball strapped to my front! Are these ladies for real? The truth is if I manage one long walk a week I’m chuffed. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant and I seriously hope I manage to find some more energy to see me through the final trimester.

Yet even though I may be sounding a bit despondent, there are in fact plenty of things to get excited about at this stage of pregnancy! Every single day I feel my little squiggly kicking away. In the morning, while I’m at work, after I eat or have a drink, in fact, he is always reminding me to sit up straight and give him more space to flex his little arms and legs! It is so satisfying to know he is growing on track and it won’t be long till we meet.

What also gets me very excited is shopping for our baby and decorating the nursery! There are so many cute, clever and lavishly adorable things out there! Toys, clothing, bedding, furniture, accessories – there are a ton of great baby products out there. I can’t wait to dress up, spoil and cuddle my precious little new-born.

Wall Decals will awaken Your Baby’s imagination

In my online wanderings, I came across an easy way to add colour, creativity and overall cuteness to your baby’s nursery. Wall decals. These are sure to capture your little one’s imagination and provide them with inspiration as they learn about their new world.

Wall Art Studios offers a range of charming themed vinyl print stickers ideal for your baby’s nursery. I love these wall decal prints and they are easy to apply and can last for up to 5 years.  Although be warned pieces are individually applied so if you choose an elaborate print this project could take longer than anticipated! It is also better to apply the stickers to warmer walls than colder walls, as the glue takes longer to activate in cold environments. The stickers need to be rubbed on in these circumstances. Or simply warm up the room beforehand.

Mr. T and I love the newest edition in squiggly’s nursery. We found the wall decal stickers easy to apply and they look very professional. Here are some ideas for your baby’s nursery with either girl, boy or neutral designs to choose from. All these vinyl prints are available from Wall Art Studios and have been reproduced here with their permission. For further information please contact Wall Art Studios directly. Wall Art Studios can also do customised prints if you have a specific creation in mind.

So forget about the annoying pregnancy symptoms and get excited about browsing these sweet prints instead!

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