Unique Names For Your Baby

October 25, 2017

Many parents relish the idea of giving their newborn baby a unique, distinctive name. These parents cherish individuality and want to equip their offspring with a name which will set them apart from the crowd.  These parents are usually trendsetters and aim to make a bold statement when naming their child, hoping their little one will grow up to embody this new age boldness and uniqueness!

However when choosing a unique name please be careful to steer away from a hard pronouncing or ambiguous sounding name, as your child will grow up with social anxiety or an inferiority complex from constantly having their name incorrectly pronounced! Studies show that people generally tend to view those with difficult, unusual names as untrustworthy individuals. Furthermore, parents should imagine how their bundle of joy will fare in a job interview with this particular unique name?

So being unique is a wonderful idea, but maybe try to rein it in a bit! Here is a list of unique names worth considering for your baby:

unique baby girl names



unique baby boy names

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