Third Trimester | Weird and Strange Pregnancy Symptoms

January 30, 2018

I am in the last stretch of my pregnancy. The part when it begins to take a toll on your body. These days ladies I bump into when out or work colleges or friends tell me what a special time it was in their life, how they loved being pregnant and would go back and do it all again.

I wonder to myself if they really mean this or are they simply saying this to cheer me up? Or maybe the surge of oxytocin hormones they experienced during childbirth blocked out their memories from beforehand? Don’t get me wrong I am happily making the most of my pregnancy because I know I will get to meet my gorgeous little man at the end. I can’t wait to meet my baby and cuddle and hold him and be in awe watching him grow. But let’s be honest, pregnancy is not exactly a rip-roaring ball of fun! And it’s ok to admit this! Its ok to try not be a superhero at this time in our lives!

Most of us know about the usual pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue, headaches, back pain and the emotional roller coaster from the increased hormones coursing through our bodies. But in this blog post, I’m going to list some of the more weird and strange pregnancy symptoms I’ve experienced. This is not meant to scare you if you’re about to embark on this journey. But simply to enlighten you and give you a laugh. And acknowledge how amazing us ladies are for growing a whole new human being inside of us and taking it in our stride.

Pregnancy is a time when we pregnant ladies should, in fact, be slowing down, a time when we should be pampered! But in today’s fast-paced world this rarely happens, we keep working right till our due date with a million thoughts whirring around our heads. Our stress levels don’t subside and then we end up with premature or breech babies and wonder how that happened? So, let’s take a moment rather, pause, take a big breath in, have a bit of a laugh and marvel at the wonderful job we are doing!

Here is my list of weird and strange pregnancy symptoms!

1. Your Feet Expand

Your feet will grow a size larger and expand. Soon you can’t squeeze into any of your heels or strappy show stoppers! This is probably a good thing though as your balance will deteriorate in direct proportion to the pace at which your bump protrudes!

By the time you reach the third trimester you can look forward to not even reaching your feet when you attempt to bend over. You abandon shoes that need to be tied around your ankles and revert to wearing the same two pairs of slip-on flats!

2. Scary Sounds Emanate from Within

Hormones like relaxin, progesterone and estrogenic surge throughout our bodies with some rather interesting side effects. Like gas! Strange rumblings emanate from within me and it is so loud I wonder if my work colleges can hear it too. It’s as if my digestive system wants to have a conversation with me. I find myself bolting to the bathroom but once firmly barricaded in a stall it seems there is nothing to let rip? I head back to my desk, only to find the strange rumblings start up again 2 min later? What on earth is going on?  I wonder to myself if the reason toddlers roll over with glee whenever they hear farts is because it must remind them of their chilled-out days back in Mama’s tummy!

3. Spatial Perception Goes OUT The Window

You would think that by the time you reach the final stages of your pregnancy you would remember that you have a rather large bump in front of you? Nope! You still try to reach for the back of that cupboard or shelf that used to be within easy reach beforehand. Not now though. Your spatial perception goes out the window and you may even find yourself tripping on the edge of a wall! Yes, I managed to somehow do that? To avert this misfortune allow for more space around you all the time.

4. Funny Vibrations keep You on Edge

It is quite exciting feeling all those little movements happening inside of you! You feel your baby kick, stretch and do somersaults. You feel his mini hiccups and see his arms or legs flex up trying to break free every now and then. But sometimes you may feel something a little strange that you can’t quite pin down? These days I feel a constant throbbing on the bottom of my uterus. It’s far too rhymical to be a kick and it’s too slow to be the baby’s heartbeat? I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be one of my arteries that have been pushed to the surface. Plus with the added pressure of the baby’s weight pressing on it, it now throbs away at an alarming force! Of course, this artery always seems to spring into action when I’m trying to fall asleep.

5. You Grow Ginormous Boobs

Your boobs grow and suddenly you have a cleavage of note. The kind of cleavage where you can hide away family jewels and heirlooms. Your hubby looks your way with a lustful yearning, but he won’t dare touch them because your boobs are sensitive and sore these days. It’s a cruel trick of nature!

6. YOu Snore Like A Drunken Sailor

Nasal congestion is one of the side effects of the increased hormones cruising through your body. Dosing up on prenatal vitamins and homeopathic sinus solutions have helped me marginally, however, this has not stopped the snoring! Mr. T informs me in the morning about the sound effects that he has endured while trying to sleep through the night! What can I say except guilty as charged, but Mr. T doesn’t want to wear earplugs and that’s not my fault!

7. You Pee A lot

All the time. It feels like you have a gallon to empty and then you get to the toilet and it’s barely a tinkle! A particular toilet stall at my office may as well be labeled Heidi’s toilet because this is where you will find me if I’m not at my desk.

Everyone also loves reminding us pregnant ladies to get enough sleep now before the baby arrives. Well, the truth is the lack of sleep has already started. Because you wake up every night at the lowly hour of 5 am to use the loo! Oh, joy!

8. feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Your metabolism and blood flow ranks up a gear or two when you are pregnant. You feel hot, tired and often out of breath! And that beautiful preggy glow that everyone raves about – well its simply sweat as you’re heating up all the time!

9. Interesting Skin Manifestations Appear

During your pregnancy, your skin also has some tricks up its sleeves. It seems the increased hormones crank up your melanin levels too. With the result that you have more freckles, moles, and spots! You will also develop a darker toned line down the middle of your tummy called the linea nigra. Plus your nipples will also go darker.

10. You Feel Itchy All Over

You feel itchy all over! And feel the need to scratch your back, your arms, your thighs, and your stomach. Why won’t this damn itch just go away now! The best remedy for this is to find a swimming pool to dunk yourself into. Water helps soothes those itchy annoyances!

The good news is the majority of these weird and strange pregnancy symptoms will revert back to normal once your precious little bundle is born? And by then you will most likely hardly remember them! Yup, we are resilient beings. Have you experienced any weird and strange pregnancy symptoms? Please do share with us below.

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