Brilliant Ideas To Have A Fun Wedding

August 3, 2017

When your special day comes around you obviously want it to be just as special and magical for your wedding guests as for yourself! How can you ensure that your wedding is a fun event and not simply another nondescript wedding? Here are some brilliant ideas to have a fun wedding that will be remembered for years to come!

First off you simply have to get the basics right.

the basics – food, bar & music

Make sure your guests are fed. Weddings are usually long affairs so don’t leave your guests waiting too long before you feed them. Bring out canape snacks early on and don’t let speeches drag on for too long before serving dinner.

Make sure the bar is fully stocked with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bar staff should also be sufficiently trained and able to cope with serving large crowds of people. Your guests don’t want to wait half an hour at the bar for a drink!

Make sure you have music. Music is uplifting and will set the tone for your night. Your music selection is a personal choice and will reflect your personality. Make sure your DJ comes highly recommended and that you have discussed the playlist with him beforehand so that you are both on the same page.

Once these basics are decided – you can then focus on these brilliant ideas to make sure your wedding is super fun.

An advice table & original guest book

It seems that everyone loves imparting their pearls of wisdom to the newly married couple. Some guests also have a great sense of humour and will enjoy leaving you a cryptic interesting message. Get creative and set up a table with strips of paper, pens, jars or boxes and you’ve ready to go. You can place your guestbook here as well.

You can ask your guests to:

  • Provide marriage advice tips.
  • Provide interesting ideas for date nights.
  • Guess your first child’s name. Or if you prefer your first pet’s name.
  • Leave a message in a bottle, which you will only open in 10 or 20 years’ time.
  • Sign a leaf on a guest book tree. There are some beautiful designs of these trees out there, which you could then display in your home afterward.
  • Sign a Jenga block.
  • Sign a piece of a wedding puzzle guest book. You can get creative with the type of puzzle. If you love traveling it could be the globe, or if you are a romantic it could be heart shaped.
  • Snap a Polaroid photo of themselves and along with a message stick this into your guestbook.


More couples are opting to include games as part of their wedding day. Games will certainly inject a feeling of fun into your wedding. They can take place early on during the day or they could even slot in during dinner time or later once the dance floor opens up.

arrival games

Brilliant ideas to have a fun weddingLawn games are usually provided as entertainment during the cocktail/photo session hour. These are usually set up outside the venue and is a fun way for guests to interact. Popular lawn games include giant Jenga, boules, croquet, corn hole, ring toss, limbo and wooden skittles.

Another great reception arrival game is Wedding Guest Bingo. This icebreaker is particularly designed to help guests to intermingle.

Wedding guests are provided with a sheet of paper with interesting facts about other wedding guests. You could have several sheets of paper to ensure all your guests are included in the descriptions. Each person then takes one sheet and has to get the signature of the guest who matches each description on that sheet.

Mr. T and I had this game at our Engagement party and it went down so well. Everyone was rushing around to get their matrix complete, it was a fun way for guests to learn more about each other. To discover for instance who had a tattoo or who had traveled to Las Vegas or who loved running. To make it competitive we provided a prize to the first guest who completed the entire bingo sheet.

reception games

I spy

This game is perfect for those who love snapping pictures, it is also a handy way to ensure that you have plenty of photos taken at your wedding. Each table is provided with an interesting list of photos to capture at the wedding.

For instance, a photo of:

  • the group at your table
  • the newly married couple kissing
  • champagne glasses being clinked
  • the bridesmaid
  • an awesome dance move
  • your favourite décor item
  • an artistic dinner shot

    the shoe game

    The Shoe Game is a clever way for wedding guests to learn more about the couple and for the couple to have a good laugh as they figure out how well they know each other!

    The bride and groom sit with their backs to each other and swap one shoe. So, each holds one of their own and one of the other’s shoe. The MC has a list of prepared questions ranging from their relationship to personality for instance, which he asks the couple. The couple answers by lifting their arm with the corresponding shoe e.g.  the bride or the groom shoe. But they can’t see what the other one has answered and can only see and hear the reaction from their guests. One of the bridesmaids can keep score to see how many questions they both had the same answer for and how many they disagreed on! It is a fun game as the questions can start off quite innocent then get more controversial.

    Some ideas of questions to ask:

    • Who hogs most of the bed?
    • Who is the better driver?
    • Who cooks the best meals?
    • Who uses more toilet paper?
    • Who said ‘I love you’ first?
    • Who wears the pants in the relationship?
    • Who falls asleep on the couch?
    • Who chose the honeymoon venue?

    musical chairs/scavenger hunt

    This game takes a bit of planning. It can also get boisterous so you will certainly need to know your guests to assess if this type of game will work with them.

    Choose 10 guests who must sit on 10 chairs in the middle of the dance floor. The MC explains to the guests that when he says ‘Go’, each guest must find a particular item within the venue, and then rush back to the chairs as quickly as possible. On each round, a chair is removed, until there is only 1 guest left sitting on a chair at the end.

    The game is fun as it gets all guests involved as they help the chosen 10 by providing the scavenger items.

    Items to find could include.

    • A tube of  lipstick
    • A MasterCard
    • A red sock
    • A hair clip
    • A flower
    • A business card
    • A man’s belt
    • Someone older and sexier than you – (A sure way to cause controversy!)

    The winner is the last person sitting in the last chair.

    photobooth & props

    Photobooth’s have gained in popularity over the years. You can usually hire these with an array of interesting props which encourage fun interactions at weddings. And if your budget does not allow you to have an official Polaroid photobooth you can simply create your one own. Place a couch in a corner at the reception, then place a digital camera on a tripod stand in front of the couch. Add some props and voila! You can also make quirky comic messages on sticks which will add to the merriment!

    Another idea on how to incorporate props into your wedding is to fasten a prop underneath each seat. At a specified time such as at 10 pm have the DJ announce that there is a surprise gift for every guest underneath their chair. By this point, most guests are also dancing and the new toys find their way onto the dance-floor with added excitement.

    sparkler send-off

    You can end-off your wedding in glittering style by having a sparkler send off archway. Sparklers are a lovely touch for the end of the night.

    I hope you have enjoyed these brilliant ideas to have a fun wedding. The above should inject plenty of creativity and entertainment into your wedding day. It is a good idea to estimate how long each activity will take and not plan too many of these. Your guests will enjoy having free-time to simply find their own fun!

    Have you enjoyed any of these activities and games at a wedding? Have you been to a wedding recently where they planned something outrageously fun and unique! Please do share your experience with us below?

     illiant Ideas to have a fun wedding

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