This blog is coming to you from Cape Town, South Africa. I am Heidi a recently married woman striving to live a top life.

Who am I…well

I love lists. I’m not exactly sure when or how this obsession started but it has found its way into every sphere of my life. There is something strangely satisfying about crossing something off a list. Task done! Tick!

Yup I’m a nerd! I also love reading books. History fascinates me. I love well-told stories, different realities, and characters with traits you can connect with.

I love the internet. It is a bottomless pit of information that presents us with the opportunity to continually learn and deepen our knowledge and skills base.

I have a passion for travel and tend towards scenic outdoor destinations. Tropical beaches, snowy mountain peaks, and riverside spots call to me.

I love the endorphin rush from a good run and jumping around to loud music. Unfortunately, my husband Paul does not particularly appreciate my taste in music, although he does enjoy a good laugh when I get into my jump around mode.

I dislike crowded noisy cities, small spaces, and traffic congestion.

I work a full-time corporate position in a global financial services company; this stresses me out way too much! Hence, I am constantly striving for more balance, serenity, and creativity in my life.

The world has become way too busy, throwing up challenges every day. Yet we all yearn to live in harmony with our surroundings, building fulfilling relationships and utilizing our creative potential. Join me as I share my experiences, lessons learned and adventures along the way.  I’d like to encourage you to join in the conversation when you feel inspired to share. Let’s help each other to thrive and live a top life!

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