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June 13, 2017

Winter has set in, down here in Cape Town and it’s the perfect excuse to station yourself on the couch and get lost inside a good book! Reading is one of those hobbies which we don’t have enough time for, but which we always feel richer for once we have invested the time to do it. Reading a skilfully written book can open up our minds and helps us travel to different worlds, savor different cultures and experience interesting characters. Good reads can teach us about people’s hopes, fears, and dreams and help us understand the human experience. Simply put reading helps us to learn and grow.

Here are 5 top books I’ve recently read. Set aside some time to enjoy these top reads!

What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriaty

Liane Moriarty - What Alice ForgotLiane Moriaty is a talented writer who crafts stories from interesting perspectives. I have read several of her books and found them all gripping and insightful.

Imagine how you would feel if you woke up one day and realised you couldn’t remember the previous 10 years of your life? Would you recognise the person staring back at you? Would you like this new version of yourself? This is what happens to Alice. After she knocks her head in a gym class accident, she realises that she can’t remember the previous 10 years of her life. She is going through a divorce, has lost a ton of weight and her sister has stopped talking to her. Alice has to reconstruct the life she can’t remember!

The Bonesetter’s Daughter – Amy Tan

This is a beautifully written tale in which the stories of three generations of Chinese woman are woven together. The story spans across continents from China to San Francisco in the USA.

Ruth has had a difficult childhood growing up as an only child and dealing with her Mother’s Chinese superstitious and worrisome nature.  As her Mother approaches her twilight years she decides to write down her life story. These are the things she does not want to forget and feels her daughter must remember.  Ruth eventually finds someone to translate the manuscript and begins to understand the forces that have shaped her Mother. As she learns of her ancestors’ hidden history she understands how it has influenced her own life too.

November 9 – Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover November 9

For those of you who love romance novels, this one is certainly worth reading and is a tear jerker too. It has an interesting twist which will leave you stunned, so I won’t give away too many secrets here.

Ben and Fallon spend a whirlwind day together and feel an instant attraction towards each other. But Fallon is moving to New York the very next day. So instead of saying goodbye to each other, they decide to meet up every year on November the 9th for a special date.

The Verdict – Nick Stone

This legal thriller has lots of interesting twists, turns and subplots to keep you turning the page. The story centers around balance, loyalty, friendship, and justice. And how one can’t cheat karma!

Vernon is a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager on trial for murder. Terry, a struggling law clerk has been assigned to his case. Terry also happens to be the childhood best friend of the accused. But Terry and Vernon have a tainted history! Terry, however, knows that this trial could be his big break and he has to leave the past behind.

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

This crime thriller is delivered from three points of view from three very different women.  Rachel, Anna, and Megan.

Rachel is a recently divorced alcoholic coming to grips with her new circumstances. Every day she commutes into the city and her train passes the same row of houses. Here she sees a picture-perfect couple. She watches this picture-perfect couple and daydreams about their seemingly perfect life. Just like the life she used to have. And then one day Rachel sees something which does not add up. But did she imagine it? Shortly thereafter she discovers that Megan – the woman she has been watching every day – has gone missing. Rachel approaches the police and is soon involved in the investigation to discover the truth.

I hope you enjoy getting stuck into these top reads!  Do you have a recommendation of a top book you’ve recently enjoyed, please do share this with us below?

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