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August 17, 2017

I am one of those readers who once I’ve found a good novelist will then make it my mission to devour as many of their books as I possibly can. I simply love finding an author who I can luxuriate in. Recently I have been reading plenty of Diane Chamberlain and Liane Moriarty books. These authors are such clever storytellers and bring in plenty of drama, twists and interesting themes into their books. They set the pace well and captivate readers as they plunge into the book. Here are some top books to read from these two authors.

The Midwife’s Confession – Diane Chamberlain

When Noelle commits suicide, everyone who knows her is shocked as she seemed content in her life. Noel is a well-known and much-loved midwife who lived a fulfilling life. Her two closest friends Tara and Emerson can’t understand why she would have done this? She was not terminally ill or suffering from depression? What had pushed her to take her own life? They sort through a box of her letters to find clues and soon find an incriminating letter which Noel was planning to send to a woman named Anna. A letter which cannot be ignored once it has been read. This is a riveting read. It explores relationships between close friends and mothers and daughters.

The Silent Sister – Diane Chamberlain

Riley returns to her family home after her father’s death. She wants to take the time to pack up her family home and reconnect with her estranged brother Danny. As Riley begins the process of sorting out her father’s belongings, long-lost memories of her sister return to her. Lisa had been a child musical prodigy and seems to have always overshadowed her life. She had committed suicide at the age of 17 and left the family reeling with heartbreak. Riley soon finds clues in her father’s records that don’t seem to tie up to what she had been previously told about her sister. Slowly she uncovers the truth of what had really happened to her sister.

Keeper of the light – Diane Chamberlain

Annie, the town saint, is rushed into the ER room with a bullet wound and changes the life of the attending surgeon Olivia.  Annie’s wounds are too severe and she passes away leaving the community bereft with grief. This event seems to set off a trigger in Paul, Olivia’s husband, who had been quietly obsessed with the town saint. Now Oliva is losing her husband and she’s not quite sure why. While Alec has to come to grips with the fact that his wife is gone and now has to raise two children on his own, while he can barely get through a normal day himself. He channels his grief into saving the local lighthouse. This story is told from several viewpoints and all the sub plots twine together leaving the reader satisfied with the end outcome.

The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

Cecelia finds a letter which her husband John-Paul has written to her. A letter she is instructed to open on his death. But her husband is still very much alive. She decides to read the letter and in doing so learns a terrible secret from her husband’s past. A secret she is not sure she should keep quiet about? This story will have you questioning your morality and leave you wondering just how well you know your spouse!

The Hypnotist’s Love story – Liane Moriarty

Ellen is a successful hypnotist based in Sydney. She meets Patrick a widower and their romance begins to flourish. But Patrick soon divulges uncomfortable personal information. He has a stalker Saskia, who follows him around and sends him abusive messages. She is his ex-girlfriend who can’t seem to let go. For this reason, Patrick is often not as relaxed as he’d like to be! Ellen herself is in her mid-thirties and has had too many failed relationships. She thinks Patrick is special and won’t let this stalker stand in the way of her happiness. The story is told from both Ellen and Saskia’s point of view and delivered at an engaging pace. As readers learn more about Saskia’s history we understand how her obsession developed. What event will Saskia gatecrash next? How will Ellen deal with the third wheel in her relationship?

I hope you enjoy these good reads? If you have any recommendations of top books to read, please do let us know.

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