5 Easy To Make Vegetarian Meals

June 9, 2017

We should all be eating more vegetarian meals! Simply because it is good for the planet? I am not a foodie or one of those types who spends endless amounts of time in the kitchen. Yet I was inspired to share 5 easy to make vegetarian meal ideas with you because I believe that we need to change our eating habits.

Cape Town is in the middle of a water crisis, dams have approximately 10% of drinkable water left. Several factors combined to get us into this dire situation.

  • Weather patterns have changed and we have been experiencing drier winters with reduced rainfall.
  • Cape Town’s population continues to rapidly grow year after year.
  • Our water infrastructure network is old with many leakages and wastage in the system.

Cape Town city has had water restrictions in place since early last year. But instead of only cutting back on our water usage, we all need to do one basic thing which will help conserve water in the long term.

Eat less meat!

Meat production uses 5 to 10 times more water than vegetarian production does! Scientists have in fact warned us that the world needs to move to a vegetarian diet to avert an impending food crisis.

Not only does large scale meat production place a strain on our fresh water resources, it also pollutes our air quality and introduces mass antibiotics into our food chain.  You can read more about this by clicking here. For these reasons, it’s time that each and every one of us began eating more vegetarian meals and less meat.

Here are 5 easy to make vegetarian meals, which should get your taste buds excited!

1. Pasta

There are endless options with what you can create with pasta!

Get the pasta on the boil, while you fry up a mix of veggie ingredients. I love frying up onions, green peppers, and basil pesto. Or you could do onions, mushrooms, and courgettes. Another good combination is sundried tomatoes and aubergine. Create a sauce using flour or fresh cream and add this to the veggie mix, so that all the flavours blend together.  Drain the pasta and then mix up the pasta and veggies. Yummy!

2.  Omelette

Omelettes don’t need to only be served at breakfast time but are a great option for dinner time too.

Fry up onions, mushrooms, peppers and/or feta as fillings to go into your egg omelette. A green salad or chickpeas are a good side option to serve with this.

3. Spuds

Potatoes is another nourishing meal which you can get creative with.

Cook your potatoes in the microwave or oven. Then top your potatoes with a garlic, cheese, mushroom or pepper sauce.  Steam broccoli and cauliflower to serve on the side with your spuds.

4. Lentils

Lentils will also easily fill you up and are deviously nourishing.

Boil lentils on the stove and once cooked add spices to flavour, such as garlic, thyme or basil. Feta and tomatoes also taste great when mixed with lentils. Steam peas and carrots on the side to serve with your lentils.

5. Soup

My favourite soups are butternut soup and wholesome vegetable soup. I love making soup as it fills the house with such delicious aromas! You will either need a blender to blend the vegetables or cut your vegetables up into very small cubes.

For the butternut soup, first fry onions with garlic, then mix in the butternut and water. Simmer ingredients until tender for about an hour.  Once cooked you can also add some coconut milk or fresh cream.

For the vegetable soup, first fry onions with garlic, then add split peas, vegetable stock, and water. Cook this for about half an hour until the split peas are soft and tender. Then add carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, parsley and more water. Boil for another half an hour or so.

I hope that these easy to make vegetarian meal ideas have inspired you to eat more vegetarian meals and less meat. We should all be doing this to place less strain on our planet’s limited resources. It’s simply good for the planet!

What is your favourite vegetarian meal? Please share your vegetarian meal idea with us below?

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