25 Awesome Ideas For Your Marriage Bucket List

September 6, 2017

Building a strong marriage is a lifelong journey with many twists and turns along the path. It should be a fun and fulfilling experience and involve making beautiful memories along the way with your partner. We should keep striving to be our best and to see the best in our partners. Here are 25 awesome ideas for your marriage bucket list, to keep the love and sparkle alive, to inject creativity into your marriage and to keep building those cherished moments.

1. Recreate your first date

Go back to that special place and relive those awkward first memories. Exchange stories about what each of you remembered the clearest from that day. What made your partner stand out to you back then? Pretend that you are meeting up for the first time again!

2. Love letters

Write a love letter to each other every year on your anniversary. Praise your partner and share all your hopes, dreams and desires for your life together. Talk about the year that has been, what memories do you treasure the most. Save all your love letters in a box and then reread them all at a momentous anniversary such as your 20-year anniversary.

3. Moonlight walk

Head out one evening on a clear full moon night and go strolling around your neighbourhood as you gaze up at the sky. The night-time sky is really hypnotising and impressive to view.

4. time capsule

Create a time capsule, and store special mementos inside it. Such as stubs from a movie or play, video clips, fun pics, or anything special. Open the capsule in five years’ time and laugh about the items you have saved.

5. Outdoor sex

Find a beautiful spot outdoors in nature and get up to some good old nooky! This is a sure way to keep the love and excitement alive.

6. Hug everyday

Yup this is vitally important! Hugs are simply the best in the world. Cuddle up every chance that you get and squeeze your partner tightly!

7. Travel

Make sure you travel somewhere special and unique every year to enjoy a proper break. Get away from city life, nois, and that everyday hectic pace. Go somewhere beautiful where you can relax, detach and connect. Leave your phones off and live in the present moment.

8. Olympic Games

Attend an iconic sporting event like the Olympic Games or Soccer World Cup. Get caught up in the festive celebratory vibes, paint your face, shout and cheer and take plenty of pictures too!

9. Dress up in matching outfits

Theme parties are wonderful occasions to get creative and have some fun! Get a matching his and hers outfit and wear it to a dress up party.

10. do an Overnight Hike

Set yourself a goal to do a scenic long hike over a few days. These hiking trails are set in stunning landscapes, often along the coast or a mountain range. Carefully plan and stick to your training routine, so you gradually build up your endurance and strength levels. So that by the time you do your hike, you are in top shape and able to enjoy the experience even more.

11. Enter a marathon in a foreign city

If running is more your vibe, then choose a marathon in a foreign city and run it together. There are so many iconic marathons hosted in beautiful cities around the world. It is a great way to see a city and then spend some time together exploring a new country.

12. Do a project together

Tackle a project together in your home. You may want to create a special relaxation area in your garden or you may want to redecorate a section of your home.  Work as a team utilizing each other’s strengths to achieve your dream vision.

13. Learn something fun together

Learning something new is always fun and invigorating. Sign up for a cooking class, language class, art class, karate class or a dancing class.

14. Go to a concert

Music is such a fantastic way to have fun, relax and connect. So, get those tickets and pretend that you’re teenagers again as you enjoy dancing to the live music! And even if you’re not up for the mosh pit you can simply buy seating tickets!

15. Make a music compilation disc for your partner

I’m sure we remember doing this in our youth and this is still a fun way to connect with your partner. Include your wedding dance song and any other memorable tunes which you know he or she will appreciate listening to.

16. Book into a swanky hotel

Splurge at a top notch 5- star hotel, have a late-night picnic on your bed, then sleep in late the next morning. Enjoy the hotel facilities, such as the sophisticated wine, swimming pool, and spa. Get couple massages too while you’re there!

17. Enjoy bubble baths together

Spend some time relaxing and foaming up together in a soothing bath. This is such an easy way to unwind!

18. Kiss in public

Do public displays of affection just for fun whenever you feel like it! Kiss, hug and openly flirt. Flaunt your love affair to the world.

19. Have meaningful conversations

Make sure you set aside time each week to enjoy date night and to connect meaningfully. Talk deeply about different topics, stretch your mind and learn something new from your partner.

20. Grow spiritually

Pray together, give thanks and build your faith together in your higher power. Be there for your partner when they are experiencing tough times. Be their strength and help see them through a difficult time period.

21. have a baby

Have a baby and grow your family. This is a big decision to make and will change the dynamics of your relationship. Having and successfully raising a child together is certainly the biggest project you will undertake together.

22. Create family traditions

Family traditions help families to connect and create special experiences. Family traditions also help to create a sense of cohesion and reinforce family values. There are many activities to build traditions around like game night, Pizza night, special birthday meal night, Saturday morning hike, summer camping trip, mommy/daddy date and bedtime stories.

23. Have a family photo shoot

Have a professional couple or family photo shoot. Get some prints mounted and also use these prints to create personalized cards. Yes, it’s cheesy but oh so cute!

24. Binge watch a tv series

Strangely, enough there is something satisfying about holing up inside on your couch for a weekend and watching an entire series in one go! Of course, this is even better while you are cuddling up with your partner!

25. Go hot air ballooning over the Serengeti

Purely because this is one of those romantic timeless experiences to do together. Relish hot air ballooning over the scenic African bushveld with your partner, while watching the game roam below, all while sipping on your champagne.

I hope you’ve found something to tweak your interest in these 25 awesome ideas for your marriage bucket list. Here’s to keeping the love and sparkle alive in your marriage. Do you have any great ideas to add to this list? Please do let us know.

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