14 Ways to Laugh and Smile More

January 9, 2018

Laugh more! Smile more!

This is one of my resolutions as the New Year kicks off. I aim to laugh more, to smile more and to find joy in small everyday things. This can be easily accomplished by following these 14 ways to laugh and smile more below.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been rather grumpy and short-tempered over the last few months and its time to turn this around. This is because of my pregnancy. I am lucky that I’ve had a hassle free, healthy pregnancy and don’t want to seem like an ungrateful Mother-to-be, but the truth is carrying a baby is hard work!

I used to be someone who enjoyed the endorphin rush and feel good factor of running. But around the 18th-week mark, it began to feel too uncomfortable to continue running with my ballooning boobs and tummy. Plus, my paranoia grew and I didn’t want to put any strain on my baby as I had read articles about how important it was to avoid overheating during pregnancy. With every passing week, my body feels larger and I feel more restricted in my movements. I love feeling the kicks and movements of my little man. But little things like putting on shoes is difficult, sleeping is hard work as I’m stuck in one position and wake up early each morning to go to the loo. Sitting at a computer is also difficult, my back hurts constantly with the added weight of my tummy and boobs. Plus my head is swirling with pregnancy and baby plans and to do lists. This is why I’m feeling grumpy and overwhelmed these days.

To add to this my baby is in a breech position. This was not part of the plan as I am aiming for a natural birth! To help turn my baby I am now doing inversion exercises daily. I also plan on seeing an Acupuncturist and Chiropractor and realise I should have probably done this much earlier in my pregnancy to rebalance any skew alignment and niggles in my body.

But besides the above, I have prescribed for myself a serious dose of laughter medicine! I am over feeling grumpy and out of sorts. I can see how easily I slipped into this mindset and I don’t like this energy! It’s time to turn this around, I certainly don’t want my baby meeting a grumpy miserable Mom. I understand how we can get ourselves into these situations but it’s just as easy to reverse this and find some light, laughter and positive energy! Here are my tips to laugh more, to smile more and to find ways to keep that happy twinkle alive in your eyes throughout 2018!

1. Positive people

Surround yourself with authentic real people who add to your life in positive ways. Ask yourself if spending time with a certain person makes you feel good, makes you feel valued, makes you laugh and uplifts you? Cut out the fake people, downers, moaners and energy vampires!

2. Watch Comedy TV Shows

One of the easiest ways to get the laughing muscles working is to watch a funny TV sitcom. There are many humorous shows worth following such as the Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family and classic oldies like Friends.

3. Watch Live Comedy

A live comedy show is even better than a TV show as you are surrounded by masses of people all laughing. Laughter is contagious and you will find yourself laughing even more when you are engulfed in it! There are plenty of comedians who have original work and jokes which will get your tummy rumbling.  A live show that I highly recommend is The Play That Goes Wrong. I don’t want to give too much but this show was hilarious, it had me laughing non-stop that I was in fact scared I would go into early labour that night!

Another show we recently watched was Defending the Caveman. I had seen this show years ago but Mr T had not and an opportunity presented itself to watch this again. It was great to laugh about the differences between Men and Women. And now whenever Mr T does something I can’t quite comprehend I write it off as due to his male brain and simply laugh about it!

4. Pinterest Funny Boards

Find funny boards to follow on Pinterest or create your own laughs and giggles board. Make sure you dedicate some time in the morning or evening each day to ensure you get in some laughs in!

5. Facebook Groups

In the same context as above find funny Facebook groups to follow which bring a smile to your face. Minion’s is a favourite of mine!

6. Twitter

Find funny personalities to follow on Twitter.

7. Read Funny Books

Instead of reading drama or suspense thrillers find light-hearted reading material and funny toned books to lift your energy.

8. Hang out with Kids

Children have this amazing ability to de-stress us with their cuteness and innocence. I spent a few days with my nieces these holidays and it was wonderful as they certainly bring a light-hearted fun energy with them. So, hang out with children and allow yourself to become a kid yourself when you play with them. See the world through their innocent eyes.

9. Funny Cues in your Home

Surround yourself with beautiful things in your home. Things that make you smile, such as flowers or a mug with a massive smiley face on it, or place a funny poster on your fridge and update it often. Print off photos of carefree, happy memories which give you a jolt of joy whenever you look at them.

10. people Watch

When you are out in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop watch the people passing through. Invent interesting stories about the people you are watching and share private jokes with your partner about them! Obviously be discrete! The aim isn’t to be mean, but rather to let your imagination and creativity run free.

11. laugh at yourself

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself and the silly things you end up doing or saying. Forgive yourself for mistakes you make.

12. Tell Yourself to Smile More

Tell yourself to smile more every moment that you can. When you are sitting in traffic smile, when you interact with tellers in stores smile, when you are waiting for someone or in a meeting simply smile!  Smiling makes you feel good.

13. Listen to Music

Music helps us to relax and lifts our spirits. So listen to your favourite tunes, bring headphones to work, turn it up in your home or sing out loud in your car.

14. Meditate

There are many different forms of meditation from sitting silently focusing on your breath to losing yourself in a creative activity.  If you find more opportunities to meditate, this will lead to you feeling calmer, centered and more in flow with your life. Which should also help you to appreciate the small everyday joys better.

I hope these tips will help put the sparkle in your eyes and keep you smiling. As I embark on what is sure to be a tumultuous year with the birth of my baby just around the corner, I plan to practice these 14 ways to laugh and smile more. A happier relaxed Mom should hopefully equal a happier more relaxed baby!?

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