10 Tips To Successfully Navigate The First Trimester

September 20, 2017

It’s official I have entered into the most exciting, exhilarating yet also frightening time of my life. I’m going to be a Mother! Our little squiggly has been growing steadily and now that I am past the first trimester, I can relax and allow myself to feel the thrill of the little human being growing inside of me! The first trimester is often a hard time for many new Moms-to-be. Emotions are up and down, and you’re not feeling like your normal self. Plus, you are worried about getting past the first-trimester hurdle as you have probably heard plenty of horror stories from friends who miscarried. It can be a daunting few months. Here are 10 tips to successfully navigate the first trimester of pregnancy.

1. Sleep more

Fatigue hit me the hardest in those first 13 weeks! Fighting fatigue is actually pointless and guzzling down endless cups of coffee is certainly not good for your baby, so simply make sure you get more sleep. Go to bed earlier each night, allow yourself to sleep in over the weekends. And when you’re at work, try to get away for a break when the fatigue hits. Simply go snooze in your car for 15 minutes or even in a bathroom cubicle!

2. Eat plenty of small meals to combat nausea

My tummy was also up and down during this time. Nausea is one of the most common universal symptoms which all expecting ladies experience.  To ease those nauseous rushes, try to ensure you eat often throughout the day to keep your tummy settled. You could find a certain snack works best for you. I enjoyed snacking on plain crackers and nuts throughout the day. Eating apples was not a good idea though!

3. Drink plenty of water

Remember you are growing a baby inside of you, plus the placenta an entirely new organ! Your body is working extra hard. So, you should be constantly sipping on water and staying hydrated. Water with lemon slices and ginger also helped to quell that nauseous feeling.

4. Eat Balanced Meals

Try to avoid foods that will give you a sugar rush and opt for low GI options. Eat well-balanced meals, ranging across all colours of the rainbow and include plenty of protein!

5. Get support

Many ladies at this stage do not want to go public with their exciting news. However, it’s a good idea to confide in a few close friends as you will need a support system to be there for you. These helpful ears can help you with any questions you have, or simply be there for you to hear you venting your frustrations!

6. Relax

Now is the perfect time to relax and kick back in the slow lane. Go for a back massage and facial! Get a pedicure! Spend the entire day on the couch watching videos or reading a book! Don’t commit to doing too much. Allow yourself some downtime.

7. Exercise

This may seem counter-intuitive to my previous point, however scheduling in some exercise time is a good idea for you and your baby. It will help you to relax and release some endorphins, which in turn will help you sleep better in the evenings. But please don’t beat yourself up if you’re used to easily running 10km but can only clock up 5km now. Remember that your body is working 24 hours around the clock as it builds your baby. Moderate exercise without raising your body temperature too much is ideal. Most importantly listen to your body and stay hydrated!

8. Take those pre-natal vitamins

If you have not yet started on these now is definitely the time to get going! Make sure you have a good multi-vitamin which includes Folic Acid, the B vitamins and Omega 3. Taking these are important for the essential development of your baby.

9. Dress comfortably

I seemed to swell up as soon as I fell pregnant! I remember feeling bloated and then eating more salads that week, plus lacing up my running shoes more often. But these attempts made no difference to quell the bloat. A few weeks later it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and my days of wearing skinny jeans were officially over! Luckily though I had several low-rise tights with stretchy waistbands which I could still easily fit into! Wearing comfortable clothing is a no-brainer at this time.   On top of nausea, you don’t really want tight clothes digging into your middle regions!

And make sure you have a comfortable bra made of a  soft fabric. You will certainly need this as your boobs swell up and are extra sensitive to the touch!

10. Think positive thoughts

It’s hard to not get caught up in the mood swings, fatigue, nausea, sickness, headaches, swollen sore breasts and general anxiety which accompanies the first trimester. Plus, all those scans and pre-screening tests which can feel very overwhelming. But remember that all the annoying symptoms are a reminder that your baby is growing perfectly on course. And all those tests serve a purpose to ensure that you and your baby are healthy! So, think of the bigger picture. Focus on positive thoughts and on the fact that the miracle of a new life is growing inside of you. Surround yourself with people and experiences which make you happy, make you laugh, which fills your days with light and love!

Be proud of yourself because you’re doing a great job Mom-to-be!  And remember to follow these 10 tips as you successfully navigate the first trimester of pregnancy.




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