10 Easy Ways To Get Dad Involved With Your Pregnancy

December 12, 2017

Pregnancy is a 9 month journey designed to prepare both your body and your mind to welcome the new life into your family. While of course growing the little baby inside of you! It’s a wonderful idea to get Dad involved early on with the pregnancy so he is also informed and can begin to build a connection with your little baby. Fathers have important roles to play in raising children and having Dads involved from early on will help them bond with the baby. Dad’s also want to feel involved, valued and part of Team Baby. Here are easy ways to get Dad involved with your pregnancy!

1. Communicate the changes

It’s obviously a bit tricky for your man to understand the changes happening with you and your baby as he is not experiencing them first hand. So a simple way to rectify this is to communicate with him progress made each week. Many websites or pregnancy books succinctly describe these changes. Let your expectant Dad know on a weekly basis how large your baby is, how much he or she weighs and which body organs are currently being formed. Also communicate any changes you are experiencing with your body and your emotions.

2. Bring him to your doctor’s visits

An easy way to get Dad involved with your pregnancy is to bring him to your doctor’s visits. Book your obstetrician/midwife appointments at a time which is convenient for both of you and bring your man along to these appointments. Your expectant Dad’s excitement will ramp up as he hears the little ones heartbeat and sees him flexing his little limbs on the scan. It is also a good idea for both of you to be present first-hand to hear any concerns which the obstetrician/midwife may have.

3. Attend an antenatal class together

Find a class which covers various topics in depth from coping with labour, birth options, interventions, pain management, relaxation techniques, the fourth trimester and preparing for the baby at home. Try to steer away from a crash course, but rather choose one that runs over several weeks. This way you can more easily assimilate the information and you also meet up with other couples at the same stage. Expectant Dads get a chance to connect with other soon-to-be Dads and discuss their own personal experiences.

4. Involve him with the baby shopping

Ok, maybe your man doesn’t really want to be involved with the baby shopping! But certainly include him on the big item purchases such as your travel system, carrier and baby monitor. His contribution in assessing the technical aspects of these items will be certainly valued.

5. Involve him with the nursery redecorating

Redecorating the nursery is a fun project which you can tackle together and an easy way to get Dad involved with your pregnancy. From deciding on the colour palette to any themes or wall decals you would like to display. Maybe you would like a fox themed nursery, animal safari or bunny theme? Your soon-to-be Dad can also roll up his sleeves and get busy with jobs like building shelves, putting the baby’s cot together or repainting the room.

6. Research and choose the name together

Naming your baby is a mammoth task. Mr. T and I began researching baby names the minute we knew our baby was in the oven. We would send messages back and forth whenever we saw a new name or had a name idea! Researching name combinations, their historic meanings, your family history, possible abbreviations and potential nicknames is a fun activity and an easy way to get Dad involved your pregnancy.

7. Find literature aimed at Dad’s

Find articles dedicated to expectant Dad’s and forward these to him. Or have a look in your baby book for the sections written especially for Dads. The, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, book has sections especially aimed at Dads! He will value reading things from his perspective!  If you find any insightful parenting advice send these to him as well. It’s a good idea you both get onto the same page in respect of parenting styles.

8. Share the baby’s movements with him

Your partner will be in awe as your belly expands and even more so as he feels your baby kick, squirm and hiccup! Grab his hand, position it on your tummy and share these baby movements with him!

9. Ask him for his special playlist

Ask him to share his favourite playlist with your little one. Then play these tunes for your little bundle explaining that they are Dad’s favourites.  Better yet encourage your soon-to-be Dad to talk to your growing baby. Your baby is able to hear voices from approximately 24 weeks already. Your baby will recognise your voices after the birth so it’s a good idea to start talking to your baby pre-birth!

10. Have a Man Shower or Nappy Party for him

A babyshower is generally thrown for Mom’s to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child. Traditionally these parties only involved ladies. Nowadays baby showers can include Dads too, however at these couples parties the Mom is still the center of attention (As it should be considering she has done the hard work growing the baby inside her!)

For this reason a new trend has arisen of having a Man Shower or Nappy Party especially aimed at the new Dad. He will get together with his male friends and they can celebrate him becoming a Dad in their own manly style! Guys simply bring nappies as gifts for the new baby!

New Dad’s are just as excited as soon-to-be Moms! The above tips are easy ways get Dad involved with Team Baby and ensure your new Dad feels valued and able to connect with the little one on the way!

Do you have any novel ideas on how to get your soon-to-be Dad involved with your pregnancy?

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